Forest Park and Crafted Landscape

Setia Eco Park has 56-acres of forest park. Here you can enjoy jungle trekking, eco-discovery walks and panoramic views from an observation tower.

The development will also feature specially created tropical landscape with a diversity of flora and fauna. With the help of recognized Eco advisers, we are creating a truly sustainable landscape that will serve as an ideal habitat for fish, butterflies, birds and other friendly creatures.

Waterways, Lakes and Creeks

An amazing 94-acre is dedicated to waterways, lakes and creeks all around the Eco Park enclave. Islands within the lakes will serve as nesting grounds for beautiful birds. A stroll or jog around will convince you that Setia Eco Park is a home at home with Mother Nature.

'Green Street' Concept

Step outside our homes and our Green Street concept is sure to please. All telephone, electrical and other utility cables are laid underground and out of sight.

Gated and Guarded Community

At Setia Eco Park, the safety and well being of residents and property is of paramount importance. The entire development is gated and guarded and boasts the following security elements :

  • Guarded and gated
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Fibre optic fence protection system, CCTV camera with video, motion detection, day & night
  • Individual home alarm system with intercom and panic button link to central guardhouse
  • Integrated perimeter security to detect climbing & cutting
  • Internal 24-hour security patrol

Community Facilities

Setia Eco Park will feature a private clubhouse with sports and rejuvenation facilities, business centres with boutique offices and a F&B hub. In addition, Setia Eco Park has primary, secondary, international and private schools for your children's education. A badminton academy, hypermarket, parks and bicycle paths completes the vast array of facilities available so you and your family can be assured that there will never be a dull moment when you live here at Setia Eco Park.

Recreating Nature & The Living Landscape

Butterflies Sanctuary

  • To establish Eco Park identity and recognition towards the nature appreciation.
  • Collaboration with Penang Butterfly Farm to sustain the existing resident species whilst introducing new species of Butterflies at Eco Park for diversity purposes.
  • Butterflies food plants and nectar plants are identified and planted strategically in order to sustain the butterflies' colony at places like Butterflies Creek and The Swan Lake.
  • 20,000 nos of different butterfly food and nectar plants are ideally planted to attract different species of butterflies with different characters.
  • Nearly 1000 species of plants are planted and propagated for the betterment of butterflies living.
  • Different species is attracted towards different kind of food or nectar plants. Therefore, the variety of plants will directly welcomed different species to Eco Park.
  • Caterpillar and lava of butterflies are well taken care of at nursery before freeing the butterflies back to nature.

Recreating Nature & The Living Landscape

Birds Sanctuary

  • Joint research and collaboration between Setia Eco Park and Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park provides consultancy and opinion on how to attract and sustain birds colony in Eco Park natural ecosystem.
  • Research has shown that at least eight species of resident birds have already established themselves ideally.
  • Feeding stations with fruits are allocated at our sites in order to avoid the birds from attacking the butterflies caterpillar
  • Besides feeding station, natural fruit trees which attract birds' attention are also planted.
  • Trees with ideal nesting characters are easily found at Eco Park.